Put Your Law Firm’s Marketing Dollars To Work

Pay when someone chooses to watch 30 seconds or more of your video ad on YouTube.

YouTube reaches more 30-49 year olds than any cable network in the U.S.

I’ll explain.

In-stream ads play before or during another video from a YouTube partner. Viewers see 5 seconds of your Firm’s video and then have the choice to keep watching or skip it.

You only pay when a viewer watches for at least 30 seconds or to the end of the video (whichever is shorter).

What is TrueView?
Google's TrueView is built on the promise that you'll only pay when someone chooses to watch your video ad.

That means that your videos are mini marketing machines and you can run ‘free’ commercials on YouTube!

YouTube has over a billion users. That’s a lot of potential prospective clients to get in front of.

The more places that people see your ads, the more likely they are to remember them and your law firm.

“After some issues with workers comp, I came across Attorney Ramsay's YouTube video after searching through hundreds of Googled attorneys.”

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You're not being beat by attorneys that are better, you're being beat by attorneys that are better positioned.