Is Your SEO Guy Earning Your Law Firm’s Business?

“She’s hungry.”

I was seated in a large open conference room. The solid wood table was 20 feet long and the 3 attorneys were talking out loud about my proposal.

It’s as if I wasn’t even there.

They were discussing my proposal to run the marketing for their law firm.

Their precious Firm that the founding Partner had worked so hard over 30+ years to be build. They were a powerhouse in the community and had never invested in marketing or advertising before.

They were a strong, traditional Firm that was well respected in the community. They weren’t about to allow anyone to tarnish their good name.

Especially a newbie.

It was if I was having an out of body experience.

“I am hungry,” I said.

They paused and looked over at me.

“I am. I’ve worked with several large Firms and I want the opportunity to earn your business.”

After 9 months of vetting, we earned their trust and their business.

3 years later and my team and I still work hard on their account and I’m still hungry.

It’s how I still feel when I’m on the phone conducting a demo. Every prospect is a new opportunity to help lawyers help more people.

I’m hungry because of my family, my team and my community. I really want to earn our clients’ business and get them results.

Are you hungry?