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Providing Support Services to Minority and Women Owned Businesses - WBEs, MBEs & DBEs

We help
our clients with
custom marketing strategies that work...

Your digital marketing strategy should help you stand out from the crowd.

Business, as usual, is never again going to be business as usual in the post-Coronavirus world.

Your digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that help you achieve your company’s goals through carefully selected online and offline marketing opportunities.

We will assist with the: Who, What, When, Where and How of identifying, developing and implementing a solid Digital Marketing strategy for seeking Fortune 500 and Government Opportunities.

Your overall digital marketing strategy needs a larger goal attached to it — something that’s more specific and motivating than “market your business” or “grow your audience.”

Like with any other business activity, you need an overarching strategy to serve as your roadmap and maximize your efforts. That way you can make choices with an end goal in mind, rather than wasting energy with random, ad hoc ideas.

We can assist with:

  • Strategy - Designing a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Identify - Assist with content creation that targets ideal clients and customers
  • Distribute - Creating a distribution and ad strategy to share the content on social networks (3-5 posts per week) - YouTube, iTunes, Soundcloud, LinkedIn Business Page, Twitter & Facebook Business Page



What Our Clients Say

Montina is a real person with extensive experience in her field. She answered all my questions in full detail and set me on the right path. I’m glad I made the call and I will be in contact with her regarding other business matters. Highly recommended.

Prince Mbadiwe

I have followed Montina Young for years learning and growing from her expert business advice and gleaning for the gems she has laid down. Our discussion leads me to not only possible avenues to obtaining funding but new ideas on streamlining my product. Everyone will benefit from making an appointment for a business call. She is awesome!

Dalis Wilson

The call I had with Montina was priceless. I definitely benefited from her wealth of knowledge and professionalism. The advice she provided was full of actionable steps that provided a real time roadmap for me to leave the call and take immediate action that I know will be beneficial for my business. I’m convinced it would have taken me weeks to navigate through things Montina walked me through in 30 minutes. I’m forever grateful.

"Stacey McSwine"

I had a wonderful conversation with Montina. She listened, provided realistic recommendations, shared a plethora of resources, and was open to sharing her experiences. I also admire her passion to see you succeed. I look forward to working with Montina as I grow my business.

"Althea Gauvin"

Montina’s insight is priceless! If you’re a new business owner trying to navigate uncharted waters or a seasoned owner with a wealth of experience. Her advice is clear, concise, and informative to taking your business to the next level.

She’s the real deal. Her information is so beneficial, you can apply it to your venture immediately after the call.

“ Ashley Brice ”

I admire Montina passion to see you win. She shared some very important information. She listened and shared her success. She is real and ready to help.

“Kimberly McGruder”