5 Reasons Why Law Firms Need Custom Videos on Their Website

Are you looking for a way to attract more clients?

Do you want to build a thriving law firm?

When people search for information online will they find you or your competition?

Why Use Custom Videos?

As the old addage goes, “content is king”; video content is rapidly becoming king of all of it.

One study, recently conducted by eMarketer, demonstrated that 2015 and 2016 were the first years that adult internet users in the United States were spending more time watching online videos than they spent looking at text content up on social media.

Increased demand, as well as the reduced expenses of producing video, will mean that it isn’t only more critical than ever for your firm to utilize video in your marketing strategy, it also is more affordable. Here are 5 reasons why law firms need custom videos on their website:

Key #1: Quickly Deliver Your Message

You no longer need to pay high costs for television commercial spots. A digital video may be hosted in several places on the Internet which are accessible to anybody on the Internet, oftentimes for free. It will increase your Internet presence and additionally enable anyone worldwide to find out information about you during any time of the day or night- without being reliant upon paid programming. Now it’s possible to place the video messages where individuals already are hanging out on the Web – such as on YouTube, which now is the 2nd largest search engine worldwide with an average of three billion searches per month.

Key #2: Engage Your Website Visitors

By now all of us expect to view video content. It is every place we travel from the shopping mall to the gas station. We’ve been conditioned to stop and pay attention. Video will inform through both hearing and seeing, and increase the odds that we’ll retain messages. Statistically, individuals also are more likely to hear the whole message when it is presented as a video than presented in additional formats.

Key #3: Drive Traffic to Your Website

Adding correctly optimized videos to a site may boost your odds of being on the first page of Google by as much as 53 times, according to Comscore. Video will increase the quantity of time individuals spend on your site. Also, video makes users more likely to share all of your content through social media, which may assist in improving your site’s performance in the search engines.

Key #4: Strengthen the Bond with Your Visitors

With video, it’s possible to rapidly develop emotional connections with possible clients. Video permits direct communication of your passion for the law, demonstrating your skill and knowledge level, and ensures that individuals watching your videos get a good sense of who you actually are.

Key #5: Stand Out from Your Competition

Due to built-in video analytics, it is simple to track how effective a video is in helping to build your company, enabling you to make some real-time tweaks to the video content in order to make it more effective. It’s possible to track how much of your video typically is being viewed, where your video is being seen, and a lot more. Plus, multiple marketing studies demonstrate that video marketing will have a better conversion rate than additional content formats.


When it comes to lawyer video marketing, the results speak for themselves. Profiles with videos on Lawyers.com are viewed 174 percent more than those without a video, and increase the click-through rate to a firm’s website by 146 percent. When it comes to choosing an attorney, building trust is important and this can be done by introducing your firm online and providing educational content to put clients at ease before they walk through your door.

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